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Tech and Engineering Budget Efficiency Analysis & Cost-Reduction

Red Corner offers a Budget Efficiency Analysis & Cost-Reduction service designed for companies struggling with oversized technology and engineering budgets. Best of all it's risk-free with zero down.



You have recognized a critical situation within your company—your technology and engineering budget is soaring with questionable effectiveness. It's crucial to not only trim the fat but also to enhance the lean muscle of your budget, ensuring every dollar is optimized for maximum impact.


The complexity of your budget demands expertise beyond the current capacity of your in-house team. You need specialized insights to navigate these financial waters but are concerned about the additional costs of hiring external consultants.


Our service is uniquely positioned to address your concerns head-on with a tailored Budget Efficiency Analysis & Cost-Reduction Strategy.

Here's what we offer:

  1. Thorough Evaluation: We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current technology and engineering expenditures. Our evaluation is designed to unearth inefficiencies and identify performance gaps in your spending. We talk to all vendors, hold workshops with your teams, review projects, review contracts and work statements to uncover waste and outline a plan to reduce it.

  2. Collaborative Strategy Development: Red Corner isn't an external force imposed upon your company; we become part of your team. We'll collaborate with stakeholders across your organization to craft a strategy that aligns with your operational objectives while reducing unnecessary expenses.

  3. Cost Reduction with Minimal Impact: We understand the balancing act between cost-cutting and maintaining operational integrity. Our proposals will focus on reducing expenditures without compromising the quality and performance of your technological and engineering functions.

  4. Risk-Free Engagement: We believe in the value we bring—and we back it up. Red Corner charges only 30% of the actual savings realized post-implementation. If you don't save, we don't invoice. It's that simple.

  5. Continued Support: Post-implementation, we remain on deck to ensure the changes take hold and to fine-tune any elements of the strategy, guaranteeing long-term financial health and operational efficiency.

Why Red Corner?

Red Corner brings a unique blend of technical acumen and fiscal savvy. Our ranks are made up of seasoned startup CTOs and executives who know how to be frugal and creative with technology. Our team of experts is adept at dissecting complex budgets and recommending actionable, effective changes.

Engagement Process:

  1. Initial Consultation: We start with a no-cost discussion to understand your needs and establish the framework for our partnership.

  2. Deep-Dive Analysis: Leveraging our proprietary tools and methodologies, we dissect your budget and expenditures.

  3. Strategic Recommendations: We deliver a detailed report outlining potential savings, projected impacts, and a roadmap for implementation.

  4. Execution Support: Our team will guide you through the execution of the recommended changes, ensuring alignment with best practices.

  5. Results-Based Remuneration: You are invoiced for 30% of the savings achieved, making our service a value-add proposition.

Take Control of Your Budget Now

Don't let an inflated technology and engineering budget drain your resources. Contact Red Corner today for a consultation, and let's turn your financial question marks into exclamation points!

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Founded with Love in Montreal, Canada, but operates around the world :-)

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