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Hiring A Custom Development Agency?
Don't Do It Alone

If all you know about software development is that you need it, your entire project is already in jeopardy.


If you don’t know what to ask for, how much it should cost, or what a reasonable timeframe is, dev agencies will be quick to maximize their profit at the expense of your project.

The Problem

Over 50% of Dev Projects Go Over Budget

This is because a custom development agency is like a nefarious genie—it will give you what you ask for, but you’ll end up wishing you’d never asked!

You wouldn't go to court without a lawyer, would you?

That's Why We're Here.

At Red Corner, we aren’t just in your corner, we ARE your corner. Most dev agencies don’t have your best interests at heart, but we do. When you need to hire a dev agency, we’ll be there to represent you and your needs. Our job is to save you money. 

You Don’t Have to Face Dev Agencies on Your Own. Protect Your Pocket and Your Sanity with Red Corner.

Common Concerns


Don’t speak 

We won’t let you get lost in translation. Our specialists answer every email from your agency, and are present in every meeting. We help you ask the right questions and make sure you understand the answers.


Stressed about 
the cost?

Don't over pay for your project! Red Corner specializes in helping you get the dev support you need on the price point that works for you. We know what to ask for, and will negotiate with dev agencies on your behalf.


Nervous about the quality?

Red Corner ensures each line of code is built to modern standards and won’t require expensive maintenance. We help offload code from the agency to your team, so you’re not stuck needing repairs or access.


Unsure of what to do after code delivery?

Once the code is delivered to you, we’ll handle the rest. Getting your code launched should never be the dev agency’s responsibility. We’ll make sure your product is up and running, and will be available from start to finish.

Are You Ready To Skip The Stress? Get In Touch With Our Team Today. 


What does the service include?

  • Vet your dev agency

  • Define your requirements for the product

  • Draft a project definition document

  • Engineer a solution design for what will get built and how

  • Validate quotes given by dev agencies

  • Support your communication with the dev agency, reviewing all emails and answering questions 

  • Continuously review the code to make sure the agency sticks to the plan

  • Handle the handover at the end of the project from the dev agency to your business

We’re Here With You 
From Start to Finish

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TELEPHONE. 514-777-3883

Founded with Love in Montreal, Canada, but operates around the world :-)

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