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Human Capital Innovation - Combining Recruiters’ Acumen with Software Engineers’ Expertise, with Oshri Cohen

OshriCohen is an expert technologist in more languages, frameworks, architectures and technologies than he cares to count. He is an ex-executive at multiple startups and ex-founder of his own custom development shop. 

He is disrupting the popular thought that startups need a full-time CTO and could save on average $400K per year in direct technical leadership costs through the use of a Fractional-CTO, which is his primary business. Oshri is also disrupting the technical recruiting business through the use of recruiters that are also engineers and can evaluate candidates on a deep technical level before recommending candidates to clients and only deal with fixed-cost mandates. 

He loves the Fractional-CTO world. It allows him to work in Health Care one moment and Logistics another. After 23 years in technology, Oshri has developed the ability to spot industry-spanning business problems a mile away.

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