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OpenTeams - Rethinking the first Four Years of Startup Leadership

How confident are you that you have the right CTO for your startup?  How important is it to have 100% of your CTO’s attention?  

Conventional wisdom will tell you it’s critical to identify and secure a full-time CTO, or else you’ll flounder. You have to find someone who is fully bought-in to the company, the mission, the core offerings, and the plan. 

Otherwise, you’ll lose technical and strategic focus, and ultimately fail.  Oshri Cohen is here to push back against this model.  Do you really need a full-time CTO? Are there enough C-level decisions that need to be made, day in and day out, to occupy forty CTO hours per week? Oshri says “no,” and argues in favor of the Fractional CTO model, where the CTO function is treated like legal, accounting, and many other roles for which companies are happy to secure support from fractionals.  

With a Fractional CTO, your startup can spend only the amount it needs to on strategic technical direction, leaving your company with lower overhead and making it easier for you to connect with the caliber of leadership you need.  In this OpenTeams Open Source Architect Spotlight event, Oshri Cohen explains how Fractional CTOs can help your startup get the high-caliber leadership it needs as it evolves over its first four years, while saving up to $250k or more per year in a non-dilutive way.

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