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The Tiny DevOps Guy - What kind of CTO do you need?

Oshri Cohen is a fractional CTO with a diverse background, currently working with four companies. He joins me on the show to cut through some of the confusion surrounding the Chief Technical Officer role.  In this episode: 

- The four phases of the CTO role 

- How often can the same person satisfy the needs of all four phases? (Spoiler: Very rarely) 

- How often can a founding CTO succeed in all four phases? 

- A good CTO focuses on his or her strengths, and hires out the rest 

- What lead Oshri to start as a fCTO 

- Why many, perhaps most, early-stage startups don't need a full-time CTO 

- Why a development agency is like a mischievous genie 

- Why developers love working with a fCTO 

- What could you do with the 150k you'd save by hiring a fCTO instead of a full-time CTO? 

- Tips for becoming an fCTO yourself

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