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Fractional-CTO for Big Data

Partner with Red Corner to level-up the solutions offered to your clients with a Fractional-CTO that has worked with massive data sets and can design complex batch and streaming data pipelines.

What We Do

Partner with Red Corner to level-up the solutions offered to your clients with a Fractional-CTO that has worked with massive data sets and can design complex batch and streaming data pipelines.

Technology And Software Selection

The problem with the Big Data space is that there are many software solutions to use as the backbone of your data pipeline. Which one do you choose? Is it the right tool for the next few years? How do you future proof this major investment without having to rewrite every pipeline job a few years from now?
A Red Corner Fractional-CTO has all the answers because our FCTOs are backed by our Council Of CTOs, we make technical decisions as a team backed by industry and task specific experience.

Domain Knowledge backed Technical Leadership

We will assign a Fractional-CTO with Big Data technical experience, this is an absolute requirement because this space has unique challenges that require past experience.

Architecture,Solution Design and Team Management

We will do everything that a full time CTO will do. We will just do it better and faster through the use of our Council Of CTOs

How does it work?


How much time is needed?

To ensure consistency, our FCTOs will work 1-4 hours per day every day with your team. During the discovery call we can discuss how much time you will need which can vary depending on your stage of operations and growth.


Your primary FCTO will have a council that regularly meets to discuss your particular needs. This council will consist of up to 10 ex-CTOs. The council will be following your FCTO to validate all actions and decisions.


Integrated Coaching Program

Our FCTOs depend on your team to succeed, so an immense focus is put on coaching every team member as often as possible. This results in your entire technical organization upskilling to deliver more value.


Choose the FCTO

We will assign the best FCTO for your needs, already accepted and interviewed by you. The FCTO will have experience in your industry, business model and operational style.


Deep integration

Our FCTOs are not consultants, they are team members when working with your team. To best enable this relationship, you will provide them with an email account, calendar, chat account (Slack or otherwise). They are a  part of the team!


CaaS is the most resource efficient and effective source of tech leadership for mid-market teams, period.

Full-Time CTO

Red Corner CaaS

9AM-5PM Every day
9AM-5PM Every day
Council Of CTOs
Their friends maybe?!?
Paid CTOs (included)
In-person, remote
Years of Experience
10-13 years
200+ combined years
Recruiting Fee
$105,000 (30%)
Base Cost Per Year
$350,000 per year
0.05% - 2%
Employer Taxes
7.65% - 15% (~$35,000)
Hours a Week
6 Weeks
Average Tenure
2 Years
6-18 months

Total over 2 years



The Red Corner Approach

The Red Corner approach to technology leadership is especially designed so you can see a healthy ROI as soon as possible.


We work together with your team to create a strong technical and operational foundation that will solve every problem you are currently having with your engineering teams while transforming them into a technical organization.

In this phase, we solve the major operational and technical problems that plague your business.




With a solid modern foundation, we now turn our focus to evolving your technical and operational organizations. The technical architecture will be updated to meet business needs, and the engineering team will evolve to work modernly. 

In this phase, we prepare technology to support the growth of your business.



Your business is ready to grow, add new features, improve efficiency or enter new markets. We complete the technical organization with new hires and promotions and start the day-to-day work of leading and managing all engineering operations.

In this phase, you have a modern, efficient technical organization that is ready to tackle any challenge.

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