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Underperforming engineering team


So, your engineering team needs to perform better? Engineering performance problems are prevalent across industries and impact every company, from startups to established businesses.

The reason for this is that managing engineers is not always a management problem, and the root cause could be any number of ailments that the organization has lived with for so long that they have become the norm. 

From the technical stack, the skill level of the team members, engineering practices, developer experience, task assignments, communication between business and engineering, and so much more, we can fill another ten pages of ailments.

The Red Corner Solution

Here's how Recorner's Fractional-CTOs can dramatically improve the productivity of underperforming engineering teams:

Strategic Alignment

One of the most common reasons for underperformance is a need for more precise direction and alignment with the company's goals. A Fractional CTO can assess the team's current initiatives and align them with the broader strategic objectives. They can help prioritize projects, set clear milestones, and create a roadmap for achieving success.

Technical Expertise

Fractional CTOs are seasoned professionals with a wealth of technical knowledge and experience. They can identify technical bottlenecks, suggest best practices, and guide the team in making informed decisions. Their expertise can help the engineering team overcome challenges that may have previously stalled progress.

Process Improvement

Efficient processes are crucial for productivity. A Fractional CTO can analyze the existing workflows within the engineering team and recommend improvements. Whether a different methodology that aligns with how the business works, implementing modern engineering practices, or streamlining communication, they can bring in industry best practices to optimize processes and reduce inefficiencies. We work with everyone from engineering to executives to identify the "Journey Map" which is the path of getting anything done within an organization.

Integrated Coaching

Building a high-performing engineering team requires nurturing talent. A Fractional CTO can assess the skill sets of team members and guide professional development. The RedCorner approach is an integrated coaching program; we coach every developer on their current task so that you can start seeing an impact within as little as a month.

Improved data-driven problem-solving

We put into place the right architecture to eliminate common problems that prevent proper solutions from coming forth. In many engineering teams, we see a reluctance to make tough decisions because they cannot see all the data and variables.


Our Fractional CTOs level up your team and put the right systems and processes in place so that they can confidently be accountable for their actions. Accountability requires a foundation of trust; we build that into the people and code.

Team Morale and engineering culture

By levelling up your engineering team and instilling modern technical architecture, modern engineering processes, and modern product/management practices, the teams' morale has nowhere else to go but up. By reducing friction between engineers, management, product, customer support, growth, and every other department, morale is even further improved. Your fractional CTO will handle all this for you and leave you with a dramatically improved business.


When engineering teams underperform, it's essential to take action swiftly to avoid long-term setbacks. Hiring a Fractional CTO can be a strategic move that leads to a dramatic improvement in productivity. Their expertise, strategic guidance, technical acumen, and leadership can help transform underperforming teams into high-performing units, driving innovation and success for the company. So, if you find your engineering team struggling, consider the powerful impact a Fractional CTO can have on your organization's future.

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