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The Council of CTOs Supporting Red Corner Fractional-CTOs

At Red Corner, our Fractional Chief Technology Officer (FCTO) service is uniquely enhanced by the support of our Council of CTOs. This council is a distinguished collective of Fractional-CTOs and sitting CTOs from various industries, each bringing over 20 years of experience in their respective fields. The diversity in their expertise, covering areas such as AI, Data Science, hyper-scaling, and more, provides a comprehensive knowledge base that our FCTOs can tap into. This collaboration is a cornerstone of our service, ensuring that your business benefits from a breadth and depth of technological wisdom.

The Council of CTOs: A Collective of Expertise

  1. Diverse Technical Expertise: The Council consists of CTOs with specialized knowledge in different areas of technology. This diversity means that no matter the technical challenge your business faces, there is likely an expert within the Council who has encountered and overcome similar challenges.

  2. 200+ Years of Experience: Each member of the Council brings at least two decades of experience in the tech industry. This wealth of experience translates into a deep understanding of both the historical and current technological landscapes, offering invaluable insights for strategic decision-making.

Convening the Council for Your Business

  1. Guidance on Complex Challenges: When your business faces complex technical challenges, your assigned FCTO can convene with the Council to discuss and devise strategies. This collaboration ensures that the solutions and advice provided are not just based on the knowledge of one individual but are the result of collective expertise.

  2. Leveraging Collective Wisdom: By tapping into the Council, your FCTO effectively brings the insights and experiences of multiple seasoned CTOs to your business. This approach allows for well-rounded and thoroughly considered strategies, minimizing risks and maximizing the potential for success.

The Equivalent of 200 Years of Experience

  1. Cumulative Expertise: With each member of the Council having over 20 years of experience, we can confidently claim that our FCTOs are backed by a cumulative 200 years of expertise. This depth of knowledge is unparalleled and provides a significant advantage to your business.

  2. Innovative and Proven Solutions: The Council's collective experience means that the solutions and strategies provided are not just innovative but also time-tested and proven. This blend of innovation and reliability is crucial for navigating the rapidly evolving tech landscape.


The Red Corner Fractional-CTO service, backed by the Council of CTOs, offers an unmatched level of expertise and support. This unique feature ensures that your FCTO is not working in isolation but is supported by a network of some of the most experienced and knowledgeable minds in the technology industry. Whether it's navigating complex challenges, devising strategic plans, or staying ahead of technological trends, the Council of CTOs empowers your FCTO to provide your business with the best possible guidance and leadership. This collaborative approach is how we ensure that your company benefits from what is effectively 200 years of combined technological expertise and leadership experience.

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