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Are Red Corner FCTOs located in North-America?

At Red Corner, we understand the critical importance of leadership quality and cultural alignment in the success of your technology team. That's why all our Fractional Chief Technology Officers (FCTOs) are based in North America. This strategic decision is rooted in our commitment to providing not just technical expertise, but leadership that resonates with your team's values and work culture.

Commitment to Quality and Leadership Excellence

  1. North America-Based FCTOs: Every FCTO in our team is located in North America, ensuring they are well-versed in the business practices, work ethics, and cultural nuances specific to North American companies. This geographical alignment is crucial for effective communication, real-time collaboration, and a deep understanding of the market dynamics your business operates in.

  2. Beyond Cost Considerations: Our focus is not on offering the cheapest solution, but the most effective one. We believe that true leadership and expertise cannot be compromised by cost-saving measures. Our FCTOs are selected for their proven track records, leadership abilities, and strategic thinking, ensuring they bring real value to your team.

Leadership That Aligns with Your Team

  1. Cultural and Communication Fit: By having FCTOs based in North America, we ensure a natural fit with your team in terms of communication styles, working hours, and cultural understanding. This alignment is essential for building trust, fostering team cohesion, and ensuring seamless integration with your existing team.

  2. Real-Time Collaboration and Support: Proximity in time zones allows our FCTOs to collaborate with your team in real-time, participate in critical meetings, and provide timely support. This immediate availability is particularly crucial in agile, fast-paced business environments where decisions need to be made swiftly.

The Red Corner Difference: Leadership, Not Just Expertise

  1. Leaders, Not Just Consultants: Our FCTOs are more than technical consultants; they are leaders who take ownership of your technology strategy and team. They are committed to guiding your team, shaping your technology landscape, and driving your business towards its strategic goals.

  2. Investment in Your Success: Choosing a Red Corner FCTO means investing in the success of your team and your business. Our FCTOs bring a wealth of experience, leadership skills, and strategic insights that go far beyond the scope of traditional consulting or technical assistance.


Red Corner's commitment to providing North America-based Fractional-CTOs is a testament to our dedication to quality, leadership, and cultural alignment. We understand that the success of your technology team and, by extension, your business, depends on more than just technical skills. It requires leadership that understands your market, fits seamlessly with your team, and is committed to your company's vision and goals. Our FCTOs are here to be an integral part of your journey, leading with expertise and insight every step of the way.

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