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Flexible Meeting Scheduling with Your Fractional-CTO

Our Fractional Chief Technology Officer (FCTO) service is tailored to provide your business with the strategic and technical leadership it needs, while also offering unparalleled flexibility in scheduling and meeting coordination. Understanding the dynamic nature of business operations, we have designed our service to be as accommodating and responsive as possible, especially when it comes to meetings and critical discussions.

Agreed Upon Time Range for Meetings

  1. Pre-Defined Availability: At the onset of our engagement, we will establish a mutually agreed upon time range during which the FCTO is available for meetings. This time range is set to align with your business needs and the FCTO’s schedule, ensuring regular and predictable availability.

  2. No Prior Consultation Needed: Within this agreed upon time range, you can schedule meetings with the FCTO without the need for prior consultation. This feature is designed to provide you with the ease of access and flexibility necessary for dynamic business operations. Whether it's a routine check-in, a strategic planning session, or a technical review meeting, you can confidently slot these into the FCTO’s calendar within the predetermined hours.

Accommodating Meetings Beyond Regular Hours

We recognize that certain critical meetings, such as those with investors, clients, banks, or other key stakeholders, may not always align with the regular schedule. In these instances:

  1. Advance Notice for Special Meetings: With sufficient notice, the FCTO can accommodate meetings outside the standard agreed upon time range. We understand the importance of these meetings and are committed to ensuring that your FCTO is available to support you during these critical discussions.

  2. Flexibility for Essential Engagements: Whether it's for investor pitches, client negotiations, or important financial discussions, our FCTO will demonstrate the necessary flexibility to be present and provide the required leadership and expertise.

  3. Prioritizing Key Business Needs: In scheduling these out-of-range meetings, our FCTO will work closely with you to understand the priority and nature of the meeting, ensuring that their involvement is aligned with the strategic needs of your business.


Our Fractional-CTO service is designed to offer a blend of structured accessibility and adaptive flexibility. By setting a clear, agreed upon time range for routine meetings, we ensure consistent and reliable access to your FCTO. Simultaneously, our approach accommodates the need for flexibility in scheduling critical, out-of-range meetings, provided there is enough notice. This balance ensures that your business has the strategic technology leadership it needs, whenever it needs it, without compromising on the agility required to respond to important opportunities and challenges.

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