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Direct Communication with Your Fractional-CTO

Our Fractional Chief Technology Officer (FCTO) service is designed to ensure that your team has continuous and direct access to expert guidance, especially in critical situations. Recognizing the importance of immediate communication in emergency scenarios, we have established dedicated channels for direct communication with the FCTO, including phone and WhatsApp, specifically reserved for urgent needs and direct executive contact.

Emergency Phone and WhatsApp Access

  1. Direct Phone Line for Emergencies: In situations that demand immediate attention, your team and executives will have access to a direct phone line to the FCTO. This ensures that in any critical scenario, from technical crises to urgent strategic decisions, you can quickly connect with the FCTO for real-time assistance.

  2. WhatsApp for Instant Messaging and Calls: Alongside phone access, the FCTO is also reachable via WhatsApp. This platform provides a quick and efficient way to send instant messages or make calls, offering an additional layer of accessibility for urgent communication needs.

Reserved for Critical Communication

  1. Prioritizing Urgent Needs: While the FCTO is available via phone and WhatsApp, we emphasize that these channels are reserved for truly urgent or emergency situations. This prioritization ensures that the FCTO’s immediate availability is maintained for scenarios that require instant attention and intervention.

  2. Direct Executive Communication: These direct lines of communication are also established to provide your company's executives with an immediate point of contact to the FCTO. This access is crucial for high-level decision-making and handling sensitive issues that require the FCTO's direct involvement.

Always Available for Your Peace of Mind

  1. Commitment to Availability: The provision of a direct phone line and WhatsApp access underscores our commitment to ensuring that the FCTO is always available, especially when it matters most. This availability is a key part of our service, providing peace of mind and the assurance that expert support is just a call or message away.

  2. Balancing Accessibility and Efficiency: While we ensure the FCTO’s availability for emergencies, we also maintain a balance to ensure that their time is used efficiently, allowing them to provide the best possible service and attention to all aspects of their role.


Incorporating direct phone and WhatsApp communication channels into our Fractional-CTO service highlights our dedication to providing your team with immediate access to expert guidance in critical situations. This feature is particularly tailored for emergency scenarios and executive-level communication, ensuring that your business has the support it needs, exactly when it needs it. Our commitment to always being available for urgent needs is a cornerstone of the value we bring to your organization, ensuring swift, expert responses in crucial moments.

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