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Bespoke Services

Red Corner offers many bespoke services that have been designed for specific clients and their specific needs; we can service any technical, strategic and organizational need you may have. 


CTO Coach

Our CTO Coaching Service offers a unique, personalized approach to professional development for Chief Technology Officers, akin to how top basketball players benefit from expert coaching. Recognizing the absence of a one-size-fits-all training program for CTOs, our service provides customized, one-on-one coaching tailored to individual challenges and goals. Focusing on both technical acumen and leadership skills, our coaches help CTOs navigate complex organizational dynamics and technological innovations.

Want a Tech Co-Founder? We are - Looking for a Startup CTO?

Many startups consider a technical co-founder as a solution, often as a short-term fix for funding issues, but this approach can lead to long-term challenges. "The Red Corner" offers a strategic and sustainable alternative, providing the expertise of a Fractional CTO (FCTO) without the risks and complications associated with a traditional technical co-founder.

Tech and Engineering Budget Efficiency Analysis & Cost-Reduction

Red Corner offers a Budget Efficiency Analysis & Cost-Reduction service designed for companies struggling with oversized technology and engineering budgets. Best of all it's risk-free with zero down.

HealthTech and Digital Health EMR selection service

Choose the right EMR for your business, we run the selection process from gathering requirements all the way to structured demos with the vendors and advise on the best course forward.

Post SaaS Acquisition Technical Management

You buy SaaS, We run technology of SaaS, You grow SaaS

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