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Get the right CTO for the right stage and challenges of your company.

A CTO is a dynamic role that evolves based on the stage and challenges of your company.

Get the right CTO for the right stage and challenges of your company.

There are times when a company may need a CTO with a particular skillset to address a short-term or temporary problem before finding their long-term CTO. Let's delve deeper into these stages and the strategic incorporation of interim specialized CTOs:

Generation 1: The CTO as a Great Engineering and Tech Lead

In the nascent stages of a startup or a tech-centric phase, the CTO is often deeply involved in the technical details, focusing on coding and product development. Their role is integral in leading the engineering team, solving complex technical problems, and driving product innovation.

Temporary Specialization: The Problem-Solver CTO

Occasionally, a company might face specific technical challenges that require a CTO with specialized expertise. For instance, if a company is dealing with a significant cybersecurity threat, they might temporarily bring in a CTO with deep experience in cybersecurity to address this challenge effectively before moving back to a more generalized tech leadership role.

Generation 2: The CTO as a Manager

As the company expands, the CTO transitions to a managerial role, overseeing teams, timelines, and resources. Their focus shifts from direct engineering to aligning technology strategy with business objectives, managing budgets, and ensuring the tech team supports the overall direction of the company.

Generation 3: The CTO as a Leader

Here, the CTO's role extends to broader leadership responsibilities. This phase involves setting a technological vision, understanding market trends, and making strategic decisions that balance technical innovation with business needs. The CTO's influence on the company's culture, particularly around innovation and technological excellence, becomes more pronounced.

Generation 4: The CTO as a Visionary

In mature companies or industries undergoing significant transformation, the CTO needs to anticipate future technological trends and their business impact. They become a thought leader, guiding the company through technological advancements and ensuring a competitive edge in the market.

Incorporating Fractional-CTOs for Specific Challenges

At times, a company may encounter challenges that require a CTO with a distinct skillset. For example, during a phase of rapid scaling, a company might need an interim CTO who specializes in scaling technology infrastructure efficiently. This approach allows the company to address immediate challenges effectively while continuing the search for a long-term CTO who aligns with the broader vision and growth stage of the company.

The Red Corner Approach

The Red Corner approach to technology leadership is especially designed so you can see a healthy ROI as soon as possible.


We work together with your team to create a strong technical and operational foundation that will solve every problem you are currently having with your engineering teams while transforming them into a technical organization.

In this phase, we solve the major operational and technical problems that plague your business.




With a solid modern foundation, we now turn our focus to evolving your technical and operational organizations. The technical architecture will be updated to meet business needs, and the engineering team will evolve to work modernly. 

In this phase, we prepare technology to support the growth of your business.



Your business is ready to grow, add new features, improve efficiency or enter new markets. We complete the technical organization with new hires and promotions and start the day-to-day work of leading and managing all engineering operations.

In this phase, you have a modern, efficient technical organization that is ready to tackle any challenge.

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