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Let's Talk About Why Our CTO Keeps Making Excuses

Hey there! Have you ever wondered why sometimes it feels like our CTO is always coming up with a new excuse? It's easy to jump to conclusions, but let’s dive a bit deeper into what's really going on. It's not always as straightforward as it seems.

Let's Talk About Why Our CTO Keeps Making Excuses

"We're Just Not on the Same Page..."

First up, let's chat about misaligned engineering goals. You know, when the tech team is heading in one direction and the rest of the company is going another? It's like trying to row a boat where everyone's rowing in different directions. No wonder our CTO seems to be struggling!

"The Tech Debt is Piling Up!"

Tech debt - it's that annoying thing that keeps growing every time we take a shortcut. Imagine it like a mountain of dishes after a big party. If it gets too big, you spend all your time cleaning up instead of cooking new, delicious meals. That's what our CTO is dealing with - a never-ending cleanup of old tech issues.

"This Design is a Maze..."

Bad architectural design in tech is like building a house on a shaky foundation. You might not notice it at first, but one day you're stuck with doors that won't close and cracks in the walls. Our CTO is like the homeowner constantly patching up these issues.

"I'm Stuck Putting Out Fires!"

Ever feel like you're so busy dealing with emergencies that you can't focus on anything else? That's what it’s like for our CTO. They're stuck in the thick of things, putting out one fire after another, rather than getting the chance to lead and plan ahead.

"Why Does This Keep Happening?"

Finally, constant firefighting. It’s like being in a game of whack-a-mole. As soon as one problem is solved, another pops up. It's exhausting and doesn’t leave much room for thinking about the future or innovation.

So, when our CTO comes up with yet another excuse, remember, it's probably not just about not wanting to do the job. It's about dealing with misaligned goals, a mountain of tech debt, a maze-like system design, and being stuck in a reactive mode. Let's give them a little understanding and work together to find solutions. After all, tackling these challenges as a team is the only way we'll turn those excuses into victories!

"Bringing in the Cavalry with Red Corner"

But wait, there's a light at the end of the tunnel! Enter Red Corner, our tech problem-solving heroes. They're like the tech world's detectives, ready to run a full audit of our systems and processes. They don't just stop at pointing out what's wrong – they go the extra mile to recommend changes and, even better, they roll up their sleeves to fix the root causes. Imagine having a team that can untangle our tech mess, align our goals, shrink that mountain of tech debt, redesign our shaky systems, and help our CTO transition from firefighter to strategic leader.

With Red Corner on board, we're not just putting a band-aid on the issues; we're gearing up for a complete tech makeover. So, let's bring them in and turn this ship around! 🚀🛠️

The Red Corner Approach

The Red Corner approach to technology leadership is especially designed so you can see a healthy ROI as soon as possible.


We work together with your team to create a strong technical and operational foundation that will solve every problem you are currently having with your engineering teams while transforming them into a technical organization.

In this phase, we solve the major operational and technical problems that plague your business.




With a solid modern foundation, we now turn our focus to evolving your technical and operational organizations. The technical architecture will be updated to meet business needs, and the engineering team will evolve to work modernly. 

In this phase, we prepare technology to support the growth of your business.



Your business is ready to grow, add new features, improve efficiency or enter new markets. We complete the technical organization with new hires and promotions and start the day-to-day work of leading and managing all engineering operations.

In this phase, you have a modern, efficient technical organization that is ready to tackle any challenge.

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