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Private Equity

How Private Equity Firms Can Utilize Technological Leadership to Enhance Portfolio Value and Maximize Returns

Fractional-CTO for Private Equity

Grow Your Portfolio

Technology is increasingly influential in private equity-owned companies. Red Corner, harnessing the knowledge of seasoned CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs, empowers private equity firms, regardless of their size, to:

  • Synchronize with and fulfill their investment thesis objectives, and

  • Enhance the worth of every company in their portfolio by using technology to become more adaptable and responsive to shifts in the market.


Red Corner has an offering for every type and size of private equity firm.

Firm Level

Red Corner acts as the CTO of your entire organization, our team of Fractional-CTOs can contribute across multiple funds and portfolios

Portfolio Level

Red Corner can take on an entire portfolio and assign an FCTO to each company while managing shared technology services to reduce cost across the board.

Company Level

We take over every aspect of technical leadership, from the technology itself to managing the team and working with the portfolio managers to improve the business fundamentals.

Size doesn't matter

Red Corner can support any and all PE Firm sizes.


PE Firms that are dabbling in SaaS, Software and App investments which don't have a technology operating partner and desire to "automate" the technology and engineering operations of their portfolio companies.

Red Corner can act as the FCTO for a single company or for the entire portfolio in a shared services model.




PE Firms that have a sizeable technology portfolio and need to optimize operations through a shared services model.

Red Corner can assign multiple Fractional-CTOs with the mandate of reducing cost and improving productivity and value of the portfolio companies.



PE firms that already have a CTO and/or a shared services model but need additional help scaling up their technology operations.

Red Corner can assign a Fractional-CTO to assist and execute the PE Firm's technical strategy.

What we handle

Red Corner's Fractional-CTOs will handle end-to-end engineering and technology operations in a cost-effective way with the goal of creating value across the portfolio and fund.

Day-to-day engineering

At Red Corner, we understand that the heart of any successful project lies in its engineering and technical leadership. Our approach to day-to-day engineering is rooted in precision, innovation, and efficiency. Our team of skilled engineers is dedicated to transforming your ideas into reality with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence.

Day-to-day technical operations

At the core of our services, we specialize in managing critical technical operations to ensure uninterrupted performance and optimal efficiency. Our dedicated team vigilantly monitors and maintains uptime, swiftly deploying updates and enhancements without disrupting your business flow. 

Product Management and Support

Our Fractional-CTOs are complimented by product managers who will work with customer support to improve the product based on customer feedback and customer support issues.

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