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Down To Business - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

"My job is to make myself irrelevant" Reading this may have you thinking to yourself - well what would be the point in bringing in a fractional-cto?

Exponential Growth - Becoming a Fractional-CTO with Oshri Cohen

Oshri Cohen is a Canadian businessman, self-taught developer, former founder and executive at multiple startups. Today he serves the role of Fractional-CTO to multiple businesses, a model he has popularized in North America.

Human Capital Innovation - Combining Recruiters’ Acumen with Software Engineers’ Expertise, with Oshri Cohen

OshriCohen is an expert technologist in more languages, frameworks, architectures and technologies than he cares to count. He is an ex-executive at multiple startups and ex-founder of his own custom development shop. 

In Systems we trust - Technology Management in the Age of AI with Oshri Cohen

Join Marquis Murray on In Systems We Trust as he chats with expert technologist, Oshri Cohen, about the role of a fractional CTO, AI technologies, and their impact on the future of jobs.

Innovation in Compliance - Oshri Cohen on the role of a CTO in Compliance

The role of a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in compliance and data governance is explored in this podcast episode between Tom Fox and Oshri Cohen. They discuss the varying responsibilities of a CTO based on company size, with larger organizations focusing on strategic planning while smaller organizations have the CTO as the head engineer.

OpenTeams - Rethinking the first Four Years of Startup Leadership

How confident are you that you have the right CTO for your startup? How important is it to have 100% of your CTO’s attention?

The Business Bros - Navigating Technology for Business Growth with Oshri Cohen

Our guest's journey from being an ex-founder of a custom development shop to becoming a trusted advisor to startups and Fortune-500 companies showcases the power of technology leadership. Get ready for a conversation that will demystify technology, providing insights that can help elevate your business to new heights.

The CTO Show - Mastering Technical Leadership with Oshri Cohen

In this insightful episode, we sit down with Oshri Cohen, a seasoned technology executive, who has taken on the role of a 'fractional CTO', providing his expertise to startups at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire. Tune in as Oshri dissects why startups may not need a full-time CTO until they are four years into the business, regardless of the technical proficiency of the founders.

The Cam and Otis show - Oshri Cohen - Fractional-CTO

Oshri Cohen joins Cam and Otis on today's episode to discuss the role of CTO, what makes hiring a fractional CTO so advantageous, and the future of coding and computing. How can you develop solutions for an ever-changing problem set? Why do you need a CTO for your business? And what can you do to keep up with advancements in technology? Oshri helps answer all of these questions on this very informative episode- you'll want your notebook and pen ready for this one!

The Doug Thompson Show - Oshri Cohen and the rise of the Fractional-CTO

In a world of rapidly changing technology, the need for experienced and knowledgeable CTOs has never been greater. You will learn what a fractional CTO is and how they can help startups and businesses.

The Tiny DevOps Guy - What kind of CTO do you need?

Oshri Cohen is a fractional CTO with a diverse background, currently working with four companies. He joins me on the show to cut through some of the confusion surrounding the Chief Technical Officer role.  

The guiding voice - Startups don't need a CTO for the initial few years

Oshri and Naveen talk about the rapid evolution of the CTO role in startups and the herculean task for any CTO to keep up.

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