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  • What does a Fractional-CTO do?
    A fractional-CTO is a consultant who provides part-time Chief Technology Officer services to a company. They are experienced professionals who possess the same skills and expertise as a full-time CTO, but they work on a contracted basis. A fractional-CTO works closely with a company's leadership team to develop and implement technology strategies that align with the company's goals and objectives. They also oversee the technical aspects of the business, including software development, IT infrastructure, and cybersecurity. The main difference between a fractional-CTO and a full-time CTO is the amount of time they dedicate to the company. While a full-time CTO is employed by the company and works on a daily basis, a fractional-CTO works remotely and provides their services on a part-time basis. However, a fractional-CTO does everything that a normal full-time CTO does, but with greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness.
  • What can a Fractional-CTO do in 2 hours, that doesn't seem like a lot of time?
    A Red Corner Fractional-CTO relies on the engineering team to do the bulk of the work and engages in intense coaching and education to level everyone up as quickly as possible. We want to level you up because we are not afraid of being fired...Getting fired is the point.
  • A fractional-CTO doesn't seem like they can focus on my problems if I have to share.
    While you can see a fractional-CTO as a weakness because they share their time, you can also see it as a benefit. Our Fractional-CTOs have seen more problems, more solutions, more business models and engineering teams, more challenges than any other full time CTO would ever has seen in their entire career.
  • How do I know if my company needs a Fractional CTO?
    If your company is facing technological challenges that exceed your current team's expertise, or if you need strategic guidance to align your technology with your business goals but can't justify the expense of a full-time CTO, a Fractional CTO might be a good fit. Most companies don't need a full-time CTO, it is usually enough to have a Fractional-CTO for 6-10 months to work with the engineering teams, level them up and get them to work independently of a single tech leader...After all, that's what a leader does, ensure that they are not needed.
  • What should I look for in a Fractional CTO?
    Look for someone with extensive experience in your industry or in addressing the specific challenges you're facing. They should have a strong track record, excellent communication skills, and the ability to align technology strategies with business objectives. At Red Corner, we have Fractional-CTOs in almost every industry. However, we are not a placement agency, we work together as a team with every client, this is why we say that our FCTOs have 200 years of experience and your CTO does not.
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