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Don’t hire a Dev Agency alone!
Red Corner Will Represent You.

Our FCTOs fill the critical gap in technical expertise, ensuring you make informed decisions and partner with a development agency that truly aligns your tech and business needs.

Problems Red Corner Solves

Frustrated with the guesswork in hiring Dev Agencies?


1. Overwhelmed by tech decisions

Struggling to answer tech questions. Unable 
to properly assess the quality of previous work

2. Difficulty in structuring and managing projects

Don’t know what you need to build exactly. Unsure 
of where to host or make requests

3. Lack of transparency from dev agency

Overpricing. Pricey change requests. 
Uncertainty with code handover or how to Go-Live

Partner with a CTO who has successfully hired and managed Dev Agencies,helping you avoid
unnecessary risk.


Expert guidance every step of the way – from hiring to code handover

Trust you’re in capable hands throughout your project. Our experienced FCTOs provide seamless project management – including regular code reviews, problem flagging, and smooth code handover.

Reduce risk while cutting costs

Leverage the experience of a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) to select the right dev agency for your needs – finding you efficient, cost-effective options to maximize your ROI.

Technical blueprint designed by your FCTO, not the agency

By designing the technical solution and architecture, your FCTO ensures the dev agency adheres to strict quality and compliance standards – giving you confidence in your project’s final outcome.

Story #1

Tanya Gans, E-commerce

Red Corner saved us $30,000 in additional costs by spotting a purposefully overcharged item on the quote."


"We hired Red Corner to evaluate the work done by a dev agency, turns out they did a really bad job. We wish we knew of Red Corner before."

Story #2

How It Works

Hire a custom development agency with confidence


How does Red Corner ensure the Dev Agency is a good fit for my project?

Your Red Corner FCTO oversees your project from start to finish, adeptly mitigating risks associated with custom development agencies. They structure the project and collaborate with you to define its scope – ensuring consensus before submitting an RFI (Request For Information) to carefully selected dev agencies. 


Throughout the project, your FCTO manages all communications, technical challenges, and potential change requests. With Red Corner, you can be at ease knowing we’ve got your back every step of the way.

Does the FCTO help with both the selection and management of the development agency?



For selection, your FCTO tailors criteria to your specific needs and industry, conducts thorough research, and collaborates with you to submit RFIs – we will choose the right dev agency! 


Regarding management, the FCTO oversees all project aspects and communication with the agency until completion and launch. Even after your product goes live, our FCTO can continue providing support for as long as necessary

What level of involvement can I expect from the FCTO in project management?

Expect a highly intensive level of involvement from your FCTO in project management. They engage in every aspect, including: 

  • overseeing quotes and invoices

  • participating in demos 

  • addressing technical queries 

  • providing regular status updates 


Their comprehensive involvement ensures a smooth and successful project execution.

How does the FCTO contribute to cost savings?

Your Red Corner FCTO reduces dev agency costs by identifying creative, low-cost solutions that meet your requirements – rather than relying on more expensive options proposed by the dev agency. 


Since development agencies are incentivized to inflate costs (and never tell you “no”), your FCTO acts as a safeguard against unnecessary expenses. Our goal is to get the most value for your investment. 

How does the FCTO handle conflict resolution or issues with a development agency?

As seasoned technologists, our FCTOs are adept at managing conflicts or issues that arise with a development agency. They skillfully navigate technical disputes on your behalf, involving you only when necessary. 


All communications with the dev agency are meticulously logged, informing you of any developments. Should there be a need for any project changes, your FCTO will consult with you first – ensuring alignment with your vision and goals.

Is there an engagement period for an FCTO in a development project?

Yes. Your FCTO remains actively engaged throughout the entire duration of the development project – from its inception right through to delivery, and often even beyond that. 


Continuous involvement is essential because software development is complex, and new challenges can arise daily. The FCTO's consistent presence ensures that these challenges are promptly addressed and the project stays on track.

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Hiring the right dev agency has never been easier

Red Corner FCTOs represent your best interests – ensuring your tech project is handled by the right development agency.

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