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Become the tech leader you know you are

Our Fractional-CTOs all have a minimum of 20 years of experience and are ready to advise you and help you grow into the leader you know you are

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How We Coach and Teach

Tired of being held back in your career?

Your employer doesn't have effective technical leadership that is willing to teach and mentor you?

Lack of effective technical leadership

What does it mean to be a CTO?

The CTO title has been misunderstood ever since the rise of startups. We will guide you and teach you about every aspect of the job and remain with you for 6 months to help guide you even more over slack.

A CTO is a business leader

Learn to understand the business aspect of your employer and you will dazzle them with your new perspective, outlook and knowledge.

It’s time you had confidence in yourself as a technical leader!


Work with a world-class CTO who will guide your growth as a professional

Our FCTOs bring decades of tech expertise – ensuring that your knowledge is up to date and your growth as a professional is structured.

We stay with you for the long-haul

Our CTO coaching program is designed to follow you for at least a year; as you grow and evolve, we remain by your side to guide you through it all. Maybe you change jobs or maybe you get promoted, in any event you have a guide to help you.

Business-focused tech strategy 

It's all about the business; as a technical leader, you need to understand where the money is coming from and how technology is applied.

Hailify, Last-Mile Logistics

“We hired Red Corner to lead our off-shore engineering team. They leveled-up our entire team, it was a beautiful thing to watch"

Engineering Manager at a client

"Red Corner spent countless days and weeks with our team to level them up, level-up our tech stack and processes. In the end we didn't need to keep Red Corner for more than 10 months "

How It Works

Tech expertise without the hassle

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It's time to grow into the pro you know you are

Inject 20+ years of CTO expertise into your career

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Founded with Love in Montreal, Canada, but operates around the world :-)

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