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Technical Recruiting By Developers For Developers

Red Corner FCTOs accelerate tech recruiting – cutting down time and costs while delivering experienced, pre-vetted candidates perfect for your technical needs.

Problems Red Corner Solves

Frustrated with costly tech hiring and underwhelming candidates?

Complicated and aggressively written job descriptions

A long list of tech requirements that alienate strong candidates.
Reputation for bad engineering culture.

Technical assessments that only validate memory retention

Candidates who can’t solve problems. Candidates 
with the wrong skill sets.

Time-consuming process with high costs

Too many applicants. Months to properly evaluate. Recruiters charge high commission fees for subpar services that you can do yourself.

Experienced expert tech recruitment by CTOs who know what it takes to be a great developer


Tech hiring led by veteran CTOs, not recruiters

Pre-vetted candidates perfect for your company

Reduce hiring time, not candidate quality

Every Red Corner CTO has a proven track record of building high-performing teams that informs their hiring expertise –


guaranteeing you a higher caliber of candidate assessment and role fit that typical recruiters cannot provide.

We don’t just find the best talent, but the right talent. Our FCTOs develop custom technical assessments and record candidate interviews so potential hires align with your technical requirements and company culture.

Say goodbye to lengthy hiring processes. After meticulous vetting and screening, only the best 3-5 candidates reach you. 


Simply meet and select from these job-ready professionals – saving you time while ensuring the highest quality.


"Red Corner was able to provide us with candidates that have been pre-vetted specifically for us, what a time saver"

How It Works

A better, quicker way to find talent

Whatever your industry, our FCTOs have you covered

What You Get

Everything you need to hire the right talent, fast

Targeted job descriptions

We write the job description in such a way that does not aliante any candidates and attracts the right ones to apply.

Customized technical 

assessments for each role

Our FCTO will meet with your team and design a technical assessment that will evaluate the candidate for the specific role.

3-5 pre-vetted, top candidates

We only send you the resumes of the candidates that we know, as experienced CTOs, which candidate can do the job.

Interview recording with

FCTO notes

The interviews are recorded and sent to you so that you can evaluate the candidate on your time, fast forward as needed and skip using a smart document.


What makes Red Corner’s technical recruiting service different from traditional recruitment agencies?

Red Corner stands apart due to our team of fractional CTOs – each boasting over 20 years of experience in assembling and leading highly efficient engineering teams. 


Unlike traditional recruiters, we read between the lines of a candidate and see hidden potential – providing insightful consultation to hiring teams. Our unique advantage is our identity as CTOs with a deep understanding of technical recruitment, bringing more nuance and experience to your hiring process.

How does the FCTO ensure the quality of candidates?

Our FCTO's approach to ensuring candidate quality is multi-layered. 


Initially, we actively engage with candidates during resume evaluation, clarifying any uncertainties by directly reaching out with questions. 


This is followed by a screening call, where our CTO probes with technical questions to gauge compatibility for a more extensive technical assessment. 


Successful candidates then undergo a conversational technical assessment designed as a collaborative problem-solving session to validate their expertise thoroughly.

How does the FCTO handle the technical assessment of candidates?

Your FCTO presents candidates with real-world scenarios closely aligned with your needs. Candidates are required to explain their problem-solving approach in detail. 


The real value lies in the back-and-forth discussion with the FCTO, who challenges the candidate's ideas and delves deeper to assess the depth of their knowledge and experience.

What is the typical time frame for filling a technical position through Red Corner?

The process at Red Corner is designed for efficiency and quality. 


Within two weeks, we typically commence interviews. 

Within a month, we present candidates who have undergone our comprehensive technical assessment. 


Our approach may take slightly longer compared to other firms, but it's because we handle extensive groundwork, including technical assessments – ultimately saving you significant time. 

By not just forwarding resumes but providing thoroughly vetted candidates, we enable you to evaluate more candidates effectively and make more informed hiring decisions.

Does the FCTO provide post-hire support?

Absolutely! Our FCTOs are available to coach newly hired developers, guaranteeing a smooth transition into their roles. 


This support includes: 

  • addressing any potential friction points 

  • facilitating effective integration into the team

  • ensuring a seamless adjustment to the new work environment

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A recruiter can’t identify the best tech talent – but a veteran FCTO can.

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