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The smarter approach to tech AI initiatives

AI is not some product you build and forget about; it requires constant monitoring, improvement and a deep culture to accept and get the most out of your AI investments.

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Problems Red Corner Solves

AI is not just a product

Lack of effective AI technical leadership

AI knowledge is ever-changing. Red Corner provides a Fractional-AI expert to work with you and transform your organization into an AI-enabled, wildly competitive one.

AI requires a Cultural Change

A Fractional-AI leader from Red Corner is overseen by 10 other Fractional-CTOs who will advise and help with the change management that AI requires for your organization to succeed in this new AI-driven economy

AI from a business approach

AI is just another tool for business optimization; we know full well that there are no shortcuts to AI development and optimization. This is why our Fractional-AI leaders approach the problem from a business point of view before the first line of code is ever written.

It’s time you had confidence in your AI Investments!


Trust in your tech with a world-class Fractional-AI and Fractional-CTO

Our FCTOs bring decades of tech expertise – ensuring your

technology strategy is robust, forward-thinking, and reliable.

10 CTOs for the price of one

No single person knows everything about technology – but 10

highly-skilled CTOs all with 20+ of experience, are pretty close.

Your FCTO meets with the Council of CTOs regularly to pool their

collective knowledge and get expert advice just for you.

Business-focused tech strategy engineered
for growth

Red Corner FCTOs specialize in bridging the gap between tech and

business goals. With 200+ years of combined tech leadership, your

engineering team will be at peak productivity – driving growth,

scalability, and market competitiveness.

How It Works

Tech expertise without the hassle

Whatever your industry, our FCTOs have you covered


Why a Fractional-AI?

Any expert in AI is already working for big tech companies such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon. Your company needs these AI experts to build the models that will generate, predict and help grow your business.

We provide these experts on a fractional basis, 1-2 hours per week, not to do the work for you but to spin up your internal AI team, lead the team and build your internal AI capabilities.

What level of involvement can I expect from a Fractional-AI executive?

Your FCTO will be involved at every level – the executive level, the data engineering, data science, AI development and deployment.


Our FCTOs are chameleons that adjust to the situation at hand, including: 

  • managing the AI teams day-to-day 

  • managing software releases and handling issues 

  • working with product management to execute their plans

  • representing our clients at conferences

  • advising everyone in the company


This versatile approach ensures they're a dynamic asset in executive decision-making and technical execution.

How does a Fractional-AI expert integrate with our existing teams and operations?

Our FCTOs integrate in 3 steps:


1. Integration starts with team acceptance. Our FCTOs meet with your teams before engagement to ensure they are seen as part of the group, establishing a foundational rapport crucial for success.


2. Our FCTOs operate under your domain – complete with company email, calendar, and Slack/chat accounts. This setup allows them to function as if they were full-time employees, making them accessible and integrated into your daily operations.


3. To maintain a consistent presence, we schedule recurring daily meetings at the same time. This practice ensures that your teams have regular, predictable access to the FCTO – reinforcing their role as an active and visible part of your company's operations.

Can a Fractiona-AI expert help with technical recruiting and team building?

Absolutely! Who better to recruit than a person who has built, mentored and grown AI teams for some of the largest AI innovators in the world? 


Our FCTOs bring a depth of understanding that goes far beyond the scope of a standard technical recruiter. In addition, they take advantage of Red Corner's vast network of experts and our technical recruiting service.

Why build in-house AI capabilities

AI is not a product, it is a living breathing system that needs to constantly be maintained, evolved and tuned in order to realize it's promised value. While there are many companies that promise pre-built models, what they don't say in their marketing promises is the cost involved in customizing said models for your particular needs.

And all of this intellectual property remains with the contracting company and every modification 

What is the Council of Experts? And how do they assist my Fractional CTO?

The Council of Experts is an additional layer of support for your Fractional CTO – providing specialized knowledge in various technology domains. 


Recognizing that no single individual can be an expert in all technologies, we maintain relationships with subject matter experts. They offer advice on specific technical subjects, like certain cloud services or specialized tasks, that may be outside your FCTO's primary expertise. 


With Red Corner, you're gaining access to a whole team of experts, not just a single consultant.

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Get 200+ years of tech leadership without the full-time cost.

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