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About to Acquire A SaaS?

Acquiring a SaaS is all the rage these days, it is convenient and potentially be very lucrative.

But technical and engineering operations requires a professional, maybe even a Fractional-CTO that will make sure your newly acquired product is continuously improved, well maintained and remains up when it matters most.

The Problem

Focus on growth not tech

You want to focus on growth, get those users in and converting. Hiring your own technical team is costly and can be a mangement nightmare.

This is why Red Corner offers a white-glove technical and engineering services, so you can focus on what you do best.

We Are In Your Corner

Red Corner offers a fractional CTO with a minimum of 20+ years of experience and backed by our innovative and unique Council Of CTOs to advise your business on everything from technology selection, engineering team composition and general software development-related headaches.

You don't have to deal with technology yourself, invite us into your organization and watch it blossom and produce more than you ever thought possible.

Common Concerns


Don’t speak 

We won’t let you get lost in translation. Our specialists answer every email from your agency, and are present in every meeting. We help you ask the right questions and make sure you understand the answers.


Stressed about 
the cost?

Don't over pay for your project! Red Corner specializes in helping you get the dev support you need on the price point that works for you. We know what to ask for, and will negotiate with dev agencies on your behalf.


Nervous about the quality?

Red Corner ensures each line of code is built to modern standards and won’t require expensive maintenance. We help offload code from the agency to your team, so you’re not stuck needing repairs or access.


Unsure what is wrong with the devs?

Once the code is delivered to you, we’ll handle the rest. Getting your code launched should never be the dev agency’s responsibility. We’ll make sure your product is up and running, and will be available from start to finish.

Are You Ready To Skip The Stress? Get In Touch With Our Team Today. 

The Red Corner Approach

The Red Corner approach to technology leadership is especially designed so you can see a healthy ROI as soon as possible.


We work together with your team to create a strong technical and operational foundation that will solve every problem you are currently having with your engineering teams while transforming them into a technical organization.

In this phase, we solve the major operational and technical problems that plague your business.




With a solid modern foundation, we now turn our focus to evolving your technical and operational organizations. The technical architecture will be updated to meet business needs, and the engineering team will evolve to work modernly. 

In this phase, we prepare technology to support the growth of your business.



Your business is ready to grow, add new features, improve efficiency or enter new markets. We complete the technical organization with new hires and promotions and start the day-to-day work of leading and managing all engineering operations.

In this phase, you have a modern, efficient technical organization that is ready to tackle any challenge.


We want to be fired!

You read that correctly; we want to be fired because we focus on making you independent of a technical leader. We believe that most companies don't need a full-time CTO. As such, we train and level up your engineering teams to operate independently.

We remain on board to adjust the process and iron out the kinks.

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