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Your Typical Job Posting by the Numbers: A Critical Analysis

TL;DR: The traditional job posting and application process are fraught with inefficiencies, from vague job descriptions attracting hundreds of applicants to prolonged response times and high rejection rates. RedCorner is revolutionizing this process with personalized, efficient, and human-centric approaches, ensuring only the best-fit candidates are presented. Say goodbye to the old ways and welcome a new era of technical recruiting.

When it comes to job postings and the recruitment process, the devil is often in the details – or rather, in the numbers. Today, I'm going to break down the fascinating, sometimes frustrating world of job applications, responses, and interviews, all through a numbers game. Let’s dig into what these figures mean and how they reveal startling truths about the recruitment process.

Total Applications: 713

Wow, 713 applications! That's a huge number, and it speaks volumes. In many cases, job descriptions are either too vague or overly restrictive. When they're too vague, they fail to filter out unqualified candidates. And when they're too restrictive, applicants often ignore the specifics, assuming them to be unrealistic or 'just for show.' Or maybe the salary is so attractive that everyone wants to give it a shot, qualified or not. This huge number of applications is a clear sign that something in the job description needs tweaking.

>90 Days to Respond: 316

Taking more than 90 days to respond to 316 applications? That's a red flag for a broken process. It's understandable that with so many applications, it's a challenge to go through them all. However, this delay can be detrimental not only to the hiring process but also to the company's reputation. Candidates talk, and a slow response time can deter potential future applicants.

Rejection without Interview: 291

Rejection without an interview is a tough pill to swallow for 291 applicants. This often happens due to poorly structured job descriptions that attract a wide net of applicants. The solution? Sharper, more specific job descriptions and a more personalized application process. Think “email this address” rather than “quick apply”. It's about quality over quantity.

First Interview: 22

Having 22 candidates for the first interview is reasonable. However, this stage often skims the surface. The main issue is that these candidates are often chosen from a small subset of the applications read, which may not represent the best of the lot.

Second Interview: 4

Only four candidates making it to the second interview sounds efficient, but it also suggests a very stringent filtering process. It's good to be selective, but are we perhaps missing out on hidden gems?

Any Ghosting: ~

Ghosting candidates? Just don’t. It's unprofessional and can harm your company's reputation in the long run.

So, what's the alternative?

Enter RedCorner, a game-changer in technical recruiting:

  • Non-Stupid, Non-Aggressive Job Descriptions: We believe in clear, concise, and realistic job descriptions.

  • Reading Every Resume: No ATS (Applicant Tracking System) here. We believe in the human touch, understanding nuances that a machine can't.

  • Personalized Screening Calls: Every candidate gets a fair chance to express themselves beyond their resume.

  • In-Depth Technical Assessment: We don’t just assess; we record, transcribe, and annotate the assessments to understand the candidate’s skills comprehensively.

  • Only the Best Candidates: We present candidates we’re confident can do the job, nothing less.

  • Flat Rate Pricing: $20,000 per position, or $50,000 for hiring three candidates for the same position. Straightforward and transparent.

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