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The smarter approach to tech leadership

Add 200+ years of tech expertise instantly with a Fractional CTO that integrates high-level tech strategy tailored to your specific business goals.




Advised founder on engineering and technology

Human Resources

Technical Audit

Audited the work of their dev agency

Digital Mental Health


Software selection for an EMR

Logistics and Supply Chain


Managed and lead offshore engineering team

Our Services

Powerful, cost-effective solutions to solve your tech needs.

“We wouldn't be here today if it weren't for Oshri and Red Corners's FCTO"


combine years of

tech leadership


average savings in 2 years 


don't hire a CTO

after working with us


We pride ourselves on
a strict standard of quality, diversity, and expertise.

All Red Corner CTOs have a minimum of 20 years of industry experience, have a track record of exceptional leadership, and are selected to provide a unique perspective informed by their areas of expertise.



                         Primary Fractional-CTO specialized in your industry, addressing challenges across tech, infrastructure, growth and team management.


                      CTOs advising your Primary Fractional-CTO based on their own experiences and areas of expertise.


                  Flexibility to switch your Primary Fractional-CTO as your business grows, objectives shift and needs evolve.

                 Your technology and engineering team gains an additional +20 years of experience across the board.

Red Corner’s CTO as a Service model unlocks unprecedented access to expertise with the integrated feel of a full-time CTO.

Scale up your engineering organization from 10’s to 100’s
Navigate major technical initiatives including data, infrastructure, compliance, and product development
Upskill existing development managers with dedicated guidance and mentorship
Launch and resource teams from scratch for new products and markets
Confidently source, negotiate and manage vendor partnerships

Tech expertise without the hassle

Initial assessment

We begin with a

comprehensive assessment of your company’s needs, tech challenges, and business goals.

Seamless onboarding and easy access

Your FCTO becomes a part of your team, providing continuous support, insights, and strategic leadership. They are available 40 hours/week to answer questions and communicate with your team.

Matching with the right FCTO

Then, we pair you with an FCTO whose expertise is a perfect fit for your business culture and objectives. But you and your team get the final say if they want to work with our chosen FCTO.

Ongoing support and evaluation

Your FCTO taps into a broader network of wisdom with the Council of CTOs and Red Corner's specialized tech experts.

Regular evaluations and strategic reviews guarantee your tech roadmap is agile and forward-thinking.

Let's Chat

TELEPHONE. 514-777-3883

Founded with Love in Montreal, Canada, but operates around the world :-)

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